Shipping Senior Supervisor

Full Time
Application ends: January 31, 2023
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Job Description

  1. Responsible for activities related to logistic/shipment operations which include managing forwarding agent, shipping, custom clearance, import and export tax exemption, and local transportation.
  2. Ensure customers’ schedules are met effectively through advanced planning.
    Drive cost savings through all phases of material/goods movement process.
  3. Maintain customs compliance for all import and export processes.
  4. Oversees operational logistics needs, include daily operation issue.
  5. Collaborate with other department to coordinate logistic issue.
    Maintain and ensure inventory accuracy and proper documentation.
  6. To prepare forwarders or transporters’ quotation.
  7. To liaise with customs, forwarders, and logistic companies for import and export shipments.
  8. Participate in continuous improvement activities and compliance in relation to Malaysian Customs and Trade compliance.
  9. Coordinate all incoming and outgoing shipment.
  10. To execute 3rd Party Business Arrangement for warehousing and inbound outbound freight operations.

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